Kumaran Santhanakrishnan | Automation/Performance Specialist October 20, 2012, Kumaran was Amar’s client

Investment (2012):

Experience working with you is not something new to me, I already enjoyed this when buying my primary home.
-You got me an exceptional deal on the house with your extraordinary negotiation. The strategy you choose to make seller accept the deal is fantastic.
-Your encouragement and directions gave me strength for me to make this bold move.
-Your dedication to save money to your clients is awesome and you go to any extent to achieve it.
-Guidance on all aspects (appraisal, loan, escrow, insurance, etc.) is simply superb.
-Hats off to your 100% worry free transaction
-My advice to whoever in buying/selling real estate, never miss the opportunity of being Amar’s client. There are reasons for his clients come back to him again and again for real estate needs.
-You work 100% hard to keep up your motto (“clients for life”).

Primary: (2011)
Short Sale – A pleasant travel with Amar from beginning to end.

It was a pleasure working with Amar. I highly recommend Amar to all our friends and family. We were stunned on how passionate he is on his work. Before meeting Amar, we were looking for house for almost 2+ years and we did not get one that met our expectations. Amar found the house, which met our expectations perfectly in less than a month time frame. He is very honest in providing his feedback on all the properties he showed to us. He is an expert in calculating real value of given property in given area. It was amazing for us on how much granular his data about particular house including upgrades, neighborhood, value, etc. This really helped us in making our decision fast and easy. In fact, he spent more time in the property and it’s neighborhood than us. He provided guidance in all aspect starting from lining up loan agent, inspection, insurance, contractors (if you need one). If you want to save your time and money, I will recommend to go with these people blindly. He has the best contacts in all aspects.
-Very patient and prompt in answer any question (I asked many silly questions, sorry Amar) at any point of time.
-Take oncoming unexpected problems (eg. loan conditions) in his hand personally, fix them and just inform you at the end. Just as an agent he don’t have to do this. This is like he is taking a first hit on the problem, instead of just passing it on to you.
Gives 100% value to your requirements/needs and provide additional information to support them.
This has been the best experience we have ever had with any real estate service.
At the end I felt, it is not just a transaction – it is transaction filled with life, joy, gift or whatever you name it.
If you really want to do a VERY BIG FAVOR/HELP to yourself or your friends/family looking forward to buy/sell property, just line them up with Amar. This is the best gift you can give it to your friends or family.

Thanks Amar, for you patience, confidence and never give-up mentality which really helped in getting this house.