Ketaki Haldipurkar | Sr UX Designer October 7, 2020, Ketaki was a client of Amar

We were recommended to Amar by a co-worker. My co-worker’s actual words were, “If you are looking for a home, Amar is the guy! He will make sure you will get the best home”. That feedback held true. We brought our first home with the help of Amar and the team. It took us literally one weekend of shows, and two days later, we had won our first bid ever.
Amar is extraordinarily detail-oriented. He has a step-by-step process charted out, which he will explain+share with you after the first time you meet. It was beneficial for us as we were first time home buyers. It helped us understand the different milestones in the process we were going to cover. He also helped us finalize our zip code. We had five other towns we were interested in, and they all were in different counties.
Amar’s real estate investor experience is precious here. He gave great insights, which led us into nailing down to only two towns. Before meeting Amar, this same elimination process was callous, confusing, and even bad choices, I feel, from an investment perspective. From there, Sri guides with the pan out view of how great these homes you narrowed are, and which ones you should place bets on, also which ones you should let go. Sri is in constant touch during this process. For us, we were lucky.
We spoke to Amar Thursday, Friday we sent a list of our top 5 homes. Sat/Sunday, we viewed 3 of our top 5, and Wednesday, we bid and won the bid. If you reside in the Bay Area, you must know how challenging the home buying process is. It’s expensive and very competitive bidding wars. We did not have the most substantial bid. But by Amar’s magic, we won the bid.
Amar and Sri are a great team – very aggressive, dedicated, focused, and passionate real estate agents. He gives his best and gets the home you love. You can rely on Sri and Amar. Amar also lines up the Escrow and other technical details like home loan and insurance after winning the bid. They are the best deal you will get.
We learned that doing the homework of scouting it for ourselves and realized the best value is what Amar had lined up. Lastly, we brought our home during the lockdown. Sri informed us of all the protocols to follow to make it safe. All in all, it was a smooth home buying sailing process.