HARI KRISHNA SIRIPURAM | Lead Engineer-IT (DevOPs/SRE) April 30, 2018, Hari Krishna was a client of Amar

We would like to start with big thank you to Amar & Sri for getting us our dream home.Honestly we are lucky that we met Amar & Sri, so our home buying experience was very smooth and closed in less than 14 business days (was like a all cash closure).

We met Amar through our colleague review and also by LinkedIn references. Amar is very detailed oriented person, explained us whole home buying process, market conditions, loan process, home searching process and introduced us to Sri.

Sri is an excellent person, who has great dedication, patience and very committed towards clients satisfaction. We liked a property, and forwarded details to Sri, she did thorough research on the property and provided her feedback that about home condition, neighborhood, city developments around that property and also potential hazards around the property. Since it was our first home and very new to bidding process, Sri explained every step very patiently, actually we called many times even late nights..but Sri explained everything very in detailed and never hesitated. Sri introduced us to a bank loan officer, who is a nation No.1 ranking mortgage officer and got us approval over night with an unbeatable APR. Personally we have learned a lot while working with Sri, and definitely felt she is like our family member.

In next step Amar got all disclosures, inspection reports and went through everything with us and what need to be looked in those documents and also estimated $$ for any potential repairs as per reports.

Next big step is offer submission. Amar has excellent negotiation skills in winning bidding wars. But in our case he went beyond and above to win our offer because there were 4+ higher bids, one of them was almost 6% higher than ours, so we thought we lost our offer, but Amar used his excellent negotiation strategy to compete higher bids with out giving counter offer and able to win ours. I believe he put his soul in winning our offer.

Once we win offer, our next challenge was to close escrow in 14 business days including appraisal and loan process. Amar got a great team who works day & night to accomplish their tasks once committed. Amar & Sri got an excellent strategy on how to close escrow process in given timelines. Amar’s KME (Key Milestone Execution) process helped us a lot in closing everything smoothly with in 10 days, 4 days less than committed. I believe none would have heard closing home in 10 business days including appraisal and loan process. But Amar and his team made it possible.

On overall it was great experience in working with Amar & Sri, during our home buying process. Amar got best team and references, where nobody was able to beat estimates provided by his references. For example bank loan (APR was unbeatable), Home Insurance, Kitchen & Bath Remodel material store and Contractor. Amar & Sri comes with full home buying package, so clients doesn’t need to-do additional research and will have 200% satisfaction.

Once again thank you Sir