DILIP RANGAN | FinTech Evangelist | Strategy July 16, 2017, Dilip was a client of Amar

This is a sincere, heartfelt review of our recent home selling process through Amar & his team.
Amar promosied us BEST DEAL & TOP Dollar – and boy, did he deliver!

Strategy planning & execution – Getting the house on the market :
Once we decided to sell the house, Amar was “on the job”. He again personally walked through the house and developed a plan with clear timelines on what would be the right strategy to attract potential buyers. Because of Amar & his teams’ rigorous planning & coordination, the house was ready to be on the market in 15 days! Again, Amar recommended and engaged the best in business to stage the house & have professional pictures taken to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Getting maximum traffic & eyes on the house:
What came next was nothing but the best. During our initial session, Amar had mentioned that he would leverage best-in-class, digital age marketing techniques. At that time, we didn’t know what to expect. In addition to listing on MLS, Amar leveraged his IT background to ensure that any & all real estate searches & websites pulled up our house’s ad & listing.

Amar used his extensive network of Realtors® to market this house and ensured that there was a lot of traffic both online & in person viewing the house. This generated a lot of interest in the house with potential buyers.

Generating the best offer: IN RECORD TIME
The extensive marketing and the interest generated in the pool of potential buyers helped us get an offer on the house in record time! Within 36 hours of listing the house, Amar was able to solicit an offer from a potential buyer. What needs to be commended here, is Amar’s negotiation skills. Gauging that this was a good potential, Amar ensured that he maximized the offer with minimal contingencies. He relentlessly went back and forth with the buyers’ agent and drafted an offer that was too good to resist! Amar provided us solid advice & guidance on the different aspects of the offer. He recommended that we take the offer considering it was approx 200K more than the listing price and a complete offer with minimal chances of falling through. All this on a Sunday!

Managing the contingency period:
The mark of a good service provider lies in the follow through during the process and here is where Amar and his team excels! During the contingency period and before the closing, Amar showcased his professionalism in carefully handling the buyer requests and ensuring that the offer was executed completely.

Amar and his team continued their excellent work and commitment by following up with every aspect of closing. Such due diligence, commitment to the clients, knowledge of the business, negotiation skills and high quality deliverable ensured that we closed our home within 3 weeks of listing it on the market for the highest per square feet price in Santa Clara till date!