Dharamendra Krishnamurthi | Scientist, Staff II – Systems Design March 10, 2013, Dharamendra was Amar’s client

I have had the good fortune of working with Amar once, for exactly three weeks between February and March 2013, when we were contemplating purchasing a small home in a location with a good school district. That was when we connected with Amar who came very highly recommended by one of our friends. Just to test the waters, we pointed him to an Ideal home (we knew it was impossible for us to get it within our very limited allocated budget) for which there was 100+ visitors and 50+ bidders, and we also knew that it would close at a much higher rate. We wanted to test the waters and mentioned about this house to Amar. We wanted to see how Amar works, so that we can decide whether to utilize his services in the further searches.

Three weeks later, we have the Home!! The Only home that we saw, and thought was impossible to own.
Amar did a fantastic job of “grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat” so to say. He was always prompt with his updates and information, His negotiation skills was good enough to convince the sellers and their agent to choose us, to sell the house to. we were not expecting this to happen at all, but it happened in three weeks, and at a rate that we thought was impossible to achieve.
Amar possesses deep knowledge of the real estate business, and works with a creme-de-la-creme of a team that literally move mountains to make “Impossible ” a reality. We have found Amar to be genuine, Extremely hard working, making sure the we were kept updated, and most importantly ensure that he gets the best out of his extended team to make this happen for us, reassuring us all along the process.

It was a fantastic experience working with Amar, and I will recommend Amar as the Go to guy if you are looking to buy a home in the bay area.