Deepak Karkala | Member Of Technical Staff, Engineer at PayPal September 6, 2020, Deepak was a client of Amar

We got in touch with Amar through Zillow, and that was the turning point in the house hunt that we were in for some time leading up to it. Amar and the team were very proactive from the get-go. They enthusiastically walked us through the milestones and the expectations for the entire home buying process.
Amar did not let the ongoing pandemic situation come in the way of the process. He set up frequent video calls to keep us up on the proceedings and was available for text/call/email at any time of the day. I always felt that the whole team was still on top of things and understood our requirements and preferences.
They provided invaluable tips and suggestions regarding the red flags while visiting a house. Their intricate knowledge of the neighborhoods and localities assisted us immensely. Amar and the team have been in this business for quite a long time, and it shows in the network of contacts they have in the Realty business.
Once we liked a house, both Amar and Sri would get into action and dig deep into the disclosures and lay out the details in layman’s terms in front of us. They were making it very easy for us to budget for the move-in expenses if any. We ended up buying a house with the first bid that we created with Amar and the team.
The house had more than 10 bids, and ours was not the highest bid for the house. But Amar and the team negotiated relentlessly and used their connections with the selling agent to pull it off for us. They ensured that we stayed in the loop throughout the negotiation process and let us make an informed decision. We are pretty sure we would not have won the bid if not for Amar and the team.
Later, Amar was personally involved in connecting us with the lender, escrow, home insurance agent, and others at every stage through the closing process. He would follow up with each of the parties individually to ensure that we were on track for the closing date. He would frequently send us the updated tracker of the milestones throughout the process.
It was a delight to have an agent who always had our back, which took much load off us. He made the entire home buying experience a walk in the park. Even after we moved into the house, he has been in touch with us, calling us frequently to check if everything was right.
Post-move-in, he provided contact with his contractors for some home upgrades we wanted to do. Every communication that Amar has provided us has turned out to be extremely professional. That shows the dedication and hard work that the entire team has put in through the years to build a strong network.
We highly recommend Amar and the team to anyone looking to buy a property, be it a first-time buyer or not. It has been a privilege working with Amar and the team.
We look forward to our continued relationship in the future. Thanks, Amar, and team. You are the best.