Ayesha Ahmed | Sr. Business Analyst at Apple July 23, 2014, Ayesha was Amar’s client

I was introduced to Amar by one of my very good collegue and friend. I was looking to buy but didn’t know anything about the real estate market or how to go about buying a house. After our intial conversations, I met with Amar and he asked me if I can trust him and I said yes. Looking back, I realized that trust is such an important part of this whole process and having the right person that is guiding you thru it is extremely critical.

Honestly, Amar made the whole homebuying process too easy. He told me through out the process to not worry and to keep faith. I kept asking him if things were ok and he kept saying ‘ Don’t worry.. the house is yours! ‘. He went up and beyond what he said he would do and I’m truly appreciative and grateful for that. The whole team working with him are solid rockstars who really care about Amar and his clients.

I feel so blessed to have met him and get his help in acquiring the house of my dreams. No one believes that I was able to purchase a house so quickly and with so much ease. THANK YOU AMAR!!!!