Amith Kumar MC | Director Of Engineering February 7, 2019, Amith Kumar was a client of Amar

I am very happy and thrilled on my new home purchase in Milpitas, CA. We got introduced to Amar through a common friend and instantly he was able to connect with us and understand our needs.

We were primarily looking for new communities and he was able to guide us on asking the right questions to the builder. He would provide various details on different new communities coming up and discuss the pro & cons of it. This helped us narrow down on the right ones. Once we secured our home and paid the advanced for the booking, he followed up continuously until the delivery and helped clarify on various processes involved until we got the delivery.

It was a great experience working with Amar and looking forwarded to get his help in future as well. I have recommended Amar to many of my friends and have got the same feedback. Thanks for all the help.