Abhishek Seth | Architect at Verizon Media September 17, 2020, Abhishek was a client of Amar

One of our achievements in the process of buying our first real estate in the US was to select Amar and Sri. We decided Amar without any reference, so there was an initial hesitation to connect, but we took a leap of trust and talked to Amar. We developed trust in Amar over time by observing his ability to get our work done. We are delighted to see the results that Amar delivered to us. After the initial call with Amar, he took our problem as his problem, and that is one great thing we liked in this whole process.
Amar has a predefined set of steps to follow in the home buying process, and we followed it and got the desired results. Amar himself brings in all the other players in the process like a loan officer, escrow, insurance, and warranty. I highly recommend getting the help of Amar in the home buying process. Amar remains very committed in the process and he drives it forward end to end and provides us the required results.
Amar’s experience is the following: The first step of Amar is to get underwriting approval for the loan, so he connected us to a well-reputed loan officer after our initial few calls. The loan officer got the job done for us in a few weeks. Immediately after we got underwriting approval of our loan, we connected back to Amar. Amar and Sri provided their feedback on various house options that we selected on the portal provided to us by Amar.
The experience of Amar and Sri helped us to reject different options and accept a few. This is where we saved a lot of time in selecting the right house for us. Within the first week of our loan approval, we, as a team, chose a home that we all liked.We visited the house on Saturday. Amar and Sri started bidding for the house on Sunday and by Sunday night, our bid was accepted.
During the bidding process, Amar and Sri remained very active, since there were multiple offers present. Amar always negotiated with the seller team to make our case. In the end, we even overtook all-cash offers, thanks to constant negotiations and reassurance by Amar to the seller party. This last phase is a critical phase to get a house in a competitive market, and we could feel the expertise of Amar and Sri in this phase. It is very natural to have many questions during the whole process.
This is where we found Sri extremely useful to us. Sri engaged with us over the phone many times to answer all our queries. She was very approachable during the whole process, which we appreciate a lot. House purchasing is a very big process, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Amar and Sri. We will always remain thankful for their help in getting this house for us.