VISHNU NUKAVARAPU | Finance IT Relationship Manager June 10, 2016, Vishnu Nukavarapu was a client of Amar

Amar was a buying agent for my first sweet and dream home!!!

He is undoubtedly a gem of a person who works on humanitarian grounds as compared to the competing commercial world today. You can stay rest assured in finding the perfect home. He has educated and guided me through out the process starting from exploring a house until deal is closed!!! It was so smooth sailing!!!

He also referred the best lender. I and my wife were so happy with the journey we had with Amar from looking for a house until we moved in last week!!! He is also helping and guiding us even after we moved in to a new house. My kids also really enjoying in new house especially in beautiful backyard. You can have 100% faith on Amar and he will help you to the maximum extent. He will think by keeping his feet in our shoes.