Vinodkumar Lakshmipathi | Sr. Full Stack Engineer at Netflix August 16, 2020, Vinodkumar was a client of Amar

We firstly want to thank Amar, Sri, and Team for providing exceptional support and help in getting our new home. We have been thinking about an upgrade from our current home and had lots of questions and confusion before we started. We got Amar’s contact from some previous conversations when we bought our first home four years ago. When we were looking for an upgrade, Amar came first to mind. Listing current home:
We first set up an introductory call with Amar; given the COVID situation, we had a zoom call. Amar clearly explained the whole process of listing and buying a new home. Once we signed the listing contract, Amar sent out a detailed execution list with many steps to happen for the execution. Given it’s a new experience for us, these execution steps were incredibly useful. Amar always emailed us about the progress on each level.
After listing the house, we got offers without any contingencies within ten days and above the listing price. Overall it was a smooth process for us as a seller. Amar did most of the heavy lifting negotiating and bringing all involved parties and taking it to the finish line. Buying a new home: Once we had our listing sorted out, Amar introduced us to Sri, to help us find our next home.
Sri has so many insights on the bay area and helped us choose the right neighborhood to look for, given our emphasis on schools and safety. Finally, after a very insightful conversion with Sri, we decided on the neighborhoods, and we went on our way to look for homes that we liked around the area.
Once we sent out around ten listings that were to our liking, and then Sri went on to research those listings and filtered out the bad apples, which we were not aware of. Sri emphasized the long-term value of the home and took us on the right path to find our perfect home. Once we found the house we liked, then came the offer part. Before we put down the offer, Amar went over the disclosures and other paperwork and cleared out everything was good before proceeding further.
The house we saw had multiple offers, and the way Amar and the team worked blew our mind. They are masters in negotiating, out of 5 other strong offers, they negotiated with the other listing agent. They helped us put a very good offer. And at midnight in the night (yes they work hard) after an anxious evening, we got a phone call from Sri and Amar, letting us know the good news that our offer was accepted.
They made it look easy, but clearly, they went above and beyond to make sure we are doing the right thing. Amar also helped us with his excellent team to get us the highly exceptional team starting from Financing, Home warranty, insurance, and others. End of the day, we feel great that we went with Amar and the team.
Thanks again.