Vinod Gomathi Nayagam | Sr. Software Engineer January 30, 2015, Vinod was Amar’s client

We first met Amar on Sep 11th based on reviews. As first time home buyers we were not clear about the entire home buying process. Amar explained us about all the steps and initiated our pre-approval. No one believed we put our first offer within a month (Oct 10th) of our home search. Amar and his assistant Maria efficiently assisted us on getting through this offer though there were multiple competing offers. He with his excellent contacts expedite all the process which involved loan process, inspection, appraisal, and insurance. We closed escrow and got our dream home key exactly within 2 months (Nov 10th) of meeting Amar. Its all still like a dream….

Overall Amar has a very talented team and he makes you feel comfortable in the entire home buying process.