Vinod Gomathi Nayagam | Sr Software Engineer February 22, 2021, Vinod was a client of Amar

Our home buying experience with Amar and his team was extraordinary, not just once but twice. When we bought our first home six years back, Amar was able to get our first offer accepted in a highly competitive market with 15 other offers for the house. Amar and his team are very experienced, professional and perfect in closing the deals. We moved into our home precisely in 1.5 months after meeting Amar.
With the same confidence level, we talked to Amar two months back to search for our new home. As expected, he and his team did fantastic work, and we were able to close the deal on our new house last week before the home being on the market. It’s our first offer second time buying a home. Time and again, Amar proved his Agent networking and master deal making skills. We believe it’s an impossible task for any other Realtor® in the Bay area but not for Amar and the team.
Sri was regularly following up on updates and giving us first-hand information on all the properties we were looking for, thus saving us lot of our time and effort Though it’s not new for us, we were surprised by all of their pro-active measures. With Amar and his team’s help, we could get the house of our dream in a highly competitive market without any stress.
We highly recommend Amar, Sri, and his team for our friends and others looking to buy their dream home.