Vinayak Namjoshi | Senior Software Application Engineer July 1, 2020, Vinayak was a client of Amar

Amar has been very clear in the process of home buying. In our first meeting itself, he explained every step in detail. We loved his work ethic, where we established that Sri, Amar, and we all need to agree to go ahead with the offer. Amar and Sri were always available to have a word and answer any questions that we have.

They made sure we completely understand and are satisfied with the answers. We were impressed by Sri’s knowledge of the neighborhoods and the investment perspective she gave us. She poured her heart to make sure we were buying the right home for the best price. It gave us so much confidence in our decision to buy home. We were stunned by Amar’s negotiation skills, and because of it, we were able to beat the cash offer and win our dream home.

Amar has an excellent team. Everyone stayed on top of their responsibility in closing this deal on time. I will recommend Amar and Sri to all my friends interested in buying a house as they will be in safe hands. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts in winning the best deal and home for us. Thank you so much, Amar and Sri.