Vikas Das | Software Developer Engineer at Apple October 25, 2020, Vikas was a client of Amar

We were recommended to Amar and Sri by a co-worker, Praveen. We highly recommend Amar and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. It has been a privilege working with Amar and the team.
We are a first-time buyer and not sure whether we should buy house or not mainly because of high price bay area real state and COVID situation. I talked to Sri. She understood my requirements and helped us to choose the right neighborhood in terms of school, commute, safetly, and future investimate.
Sri gave us honest updates about the house, which I am interested, neighbors and surroundings of the house. She guided me in terms of the offer, max price I should be bidding, pros and cons of property, and future values. Even our bidding is not highest, but Amar used his negotiation capability and worked the whole night to win the offer in our favor. Amar walked through all disclosures and patient with me with all first-time buyer question.
Best part of Amar team(Lender, Escrow, Insurance) is; even it is COVID situation whole execution from getting the offer to Recording Entire process was very smooth. Amar has been involved actively, monitoring all steps, and constantly updating me. His entire team is very professional and supportive.
I highly recommend Amar’s team’s services for home buying process. We are very satisfied with the whole experience, and I strongly recommend.