Vijay Kumar Vasantha | Principal Engineer at Broadcom Limited November 26, 2019, Vijay was a client of Amar

We were first time home buyers and we came to know about Amar & Sri from a close friend. Our home buying experience was a breeze just because Amar and Sri put their heart and soul in this whole process. From wanting to own a home to owning a home took just three weeks.

On one Sun morning we met Amar and explained our requirements and limitations in buying a home. Being an expert Realtor® Amar quickly understood our requirements and guided us by providing valuable feedback on type of house we should target for our budget, areas we should target considering future market appreciation etc. On Mon evening we talked to Sri in detail.

Sri with extensive knowledge in Bay Area neighborhood explained areas good for raising a family, areas with great neighborhood and good houses in market. On Wed Sri guided us to a house, this house met all our requirements, and the neighborhood was impressive. We quickly expressed our interest in this house to Sri.

On Thu Amar took charge and guided in the bidding process. There were 11 bids for the house already. Being an expert strategist, Amar helped us bid 5% less than the least offer and negotiated to make this deal happen. So as a buyer we realized that a good buyer’s agent was not someone who can bid highest and win, but someone who can bid least, negotiate and win. On Fri, it was Diwali eve and we couldn’t be any happier, we had entered into contract with the Seller. On Diwali my friends told us that we were lucky in getting a good house for a lesser price. For an outsider it was luck since they did not see us work hard, but as an insider we attribute our good luck to Amar’s & Sri’s hard work.

Without Amar’s homework on quality of construction, Sri’s understanding of our requirements and guidance to right home, neighborhood & area, and most of all Amar’s negotiation skills in bidding phase, we could not have owned this home. Next the loan processing had to be completed in just two weeks. Suited for our financial and closure situation, Amar guided us to the best lender for Escrow and Bank Loan process. The whole process of Legal and Bank work was executed by Amar, Sri and Team in a quick, effective and smooth fashion. By the end of three weeks, we had the keys to our new home and we were proud owners. I think we got lucky to work with Amar and Sri.

Amar and Sri were not only our buying agent but also our mentors and friends in this whole process. Looking forward to getting guidance from and working with Amar & Sri. Vijay Kumar