VENKATESH SEETHARAM | Principal SI/EMI Engineer July 6, 2015, Venkatesh was a client of Amar

We started our home search in March 2013. We worked with 3 different Realtors® and submitted offers to at least 10 houses with no luck. Disheartened with the market and the incompetence of our Realtors® we totally gave up home search. In August 2014 when one of our dear friends narrated the story of their home buying we were thrilled to hear that such Realtors® do actually exist.

He recommended Amar strongly and said if we were to buy a house, Amar must be our Realtor®. Coming from our friend who had a great recent experience with home-buying, we approached Amar in March 2015 when we restarted our home search. We were to realize how true our friend’s words were when we bought our home. We truly believe that we would not have bought our home, if Amar was not our Realtor®.
From the very first conversation, we realized that Amar was a different Realtor® than the ones we had worked with.

His knowledge of the market and his approach to home buying was different. There was couple of houses that we were interested in and Amar rightly pointed out that those were not right for us. At that moment, we were certain that we were working with the right Realtor®. When we wrote the offer for our home, we knew that we would not be the highest bidder.

Amar knew that as well but worked his magic to win the home for us. Amar was such a difference maker: he clearly understood the dynamics of the deal and changed it to a scenario where if the sellers were to accept any offer, it would be ours. We still cannot believe that Amar was able to do this in Fremont where multiple offers are the norm for every listed house.

Amar’s acumen of what clinches a deal is exceptional and was one of the main reasons that helped us get the home of our dreams. The fact that we got a highly desired home in an extremely competitive market (in Fremont) in spite of not being the highest bidder goes to show Amar’s competence.

Amar’s contribution to our home buying did not stop after the offer was accepted. He worked with the lender and escrow agents and made sure that the escrow closed on time. Amar went over and beyond his role as a Realtor® and advised us very skillfully all along and helped us make the right decision at each stage. Amar has certainly become our Realtor® for our lifetime.