Vamsi Mareddy | Experienced Infrastructure/Web Engineer May 2, 2012, Vamsi was Amar’s client

Amar is a Realtor® whom I would highly recommend. I probably spent a total of 5 days spread over 3 months visiting houses with him and 3 of them ended us with making offers. During the first meeting, Amar takes time to understand your requirements and tells you very frankly about the market and what to expect. He then make sure that every home he recommends is something worth for you to ponder about weighing the pros and cons.

Once an offer is made, rest assured that it is followed up very closely on it and you are kept abreast of all the news. I can vouch that this alone will help you understand the market and shorten your search period.

Amar is very frank about his opinions and where he thinks a house would sell for and he has been very accurate. Once an offer is accepted, he personally makes sure through his relationships that the loan closes soon and you get the best terms possible. Case in point – I had originally agreed on a certain rate with my banker, but Amar later drove down to the banker’s office and made sure we got a further rate reduction. This does show that Amar does care about his clients, tries to get them a house that they want and for the best terms possible.