TWINKLE AMIN | Client Services and Account Manager at Entisys360 December 11, 2017, Twinkle was a client of Amar

Hi Twinkle, can you write me a recommendation?
As a first time home buyer I am extremely pleased by you and your team for managing the process and getting us into our much awaited new home. Your guidance was unmatched and I cannot thank you and your team enough!!! You have been fantastic and I heartily appreciate all you have done, known and unknown behind the scenes. I am sure there is a LOT you have done that I am still not aware of.

I truly feel we have gotten a home with GREAT VALUE that I would not have been able to get without YOU. There are no words to express my gratitude but please know that we are grateful for your service and the commitment we have received! If I were to do it again, you would be my ultimate and ONLY choice J. THANK YOU Amar and Sri!!

– Love,
Twinkle, Paresh, Eshaan & games