Tushar Patel | Member of Technical Staff August 9, 2019, Tushar was a client of Amar

As a first-time homebuyer in Bay Area, the whole process of buying a house, bidding can be very overwhelming and stressful. But with the help of Amar, Sri and his team, it couldn’t have been easier and quicker.

When we began our home-search, from Yelp we found that many buyers in Bay Area are in similar condition greatly helped by Amar and his team. We met Amar at his Palo Alto office where he explained the entire process, his custom search engine for homes and also answered the questions we have about bidding and closing on home, how to consider property valuation.

Amar also introduced us to his wife Sri who works with him and also to his lender (Risha), who was quick enough to get us a pre-approval letter. They have amazing modus operandi where home buying is divided into tasks and executed meticulously. We never though that we will end-up being homeowners so quickly. Amar worked really hard to get our offer accepted. Amar got all the paperwork ready to put in an offer for the house by making an informed decision on the offer price. He worked till midnight for negotiating with seller agent and got our offer accepted. Ever after offer got accepted, Amar and Sri worked with loan officer, insurance team to make sure we will close in short span of 21 days.

Thank you, Amar and Sri, for being so cooperative, kind and humble to us in the whole process and making us the proud owner of our first home in Bay