TUSHAR MAHALE | Staff Engineer at ThoughtSpot March 30, 2016, Tushar was a client of Amar

et me start by saying this – there cannot be a better Realtor® than Amar. Period.

When we decided to buy our first home, we started looking for a Realtor® who could guide us in the right direction and help us make our dream a reality. Amar had very good and a lot of positive reviews, so we decided to contact him. And that sure was the best decision we took.

Sri is a gem of a person. She was very proactive and always informed us about any good listings whenever they came up. She’d always try to understand our changing requirements focusing even on finer details, to ensure that she’s able to find the perfect fit for us. We could ask any question to her and she’d always answer all our questions patiently and in detail, no matter how small/silly they seem. Being a first time home buyer, this helped us a lot in narrowing down our exact requirements and take into accounts aspects that we had never thought of. I think this is very critical especially for a first time home buyer.

One of the best qualities of Amar and Sri is they are not pushy. I still remember the discussion I had when I informed them that we wanted to back out of a contract. They were amazingly supportive and never ever tried to convince us to continue with the contract or to reconsider our decision. That is I think one of the most important quality every Realtor® should have and I am very glad I was working with people who are masters at such things. They patiently understood our concerns. The call was over in a few minutes and we were out of contract smoothly. Even after losing the deal and the time they had spent on the contract, there was not a single ounce of drop in the enthusiasm Amar and Sri showed showing/suggesting next properties. That is how professional they are.

And then there was the home that we had been waiting for all these months. We hadn’t even bothered to go to the open house because it was way above our budget. But one fine evening we got a call from Sri and informed that Amar wanted us to have a look at the house. We got ready in half an hour and were on our way to the house. When we first saw the house, we couldn’t believe we could afford it and were even thinking that this could be a waste of time. But Amar suggested us to make an offer and we decided to give it a try. And it was not in vain. Out of his amazing arsenal of Realtor® skills, Amar unleashed his all mighty negotiation powers and brokered a deal that I still sometimes have to ask myself if is indeed a reality or not.

We purchased the house at 63K less than the listing price in the hot market of Milpitas with good schools. Amar and Sri were involved in every step of the process, kept all the parties involved on the same page.

Amar has teamed up with professionals who are BEST in their business and they guided us smoothly throughout the entire process which otherwise could be overwhelming for the first time buyers.