Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota | Software Engineer at Google June 29, 2015, Thirumala Reddy was Amar’s client

I feel very lucky to got to know Amar. When I first contacted him on April 18th 2015, I had no clue about buying a house in US and had no confidence that I can buy a house in the next six months. From there, in exactly two months, i.e by June 19th 2015, the Escrow got closed and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful house in this far far foreign land. I still can’t believe that all these happened so fast and I was really able to buy a house in exactly two months. Amar played a big role in it and I will always be thankful for him for that.

Here are brief list of items that made all the difference in our home buying experience …

· With the very first phone call, Amar introduced me to the loan officer Yogesh. The conversation with Yogesh cleared lot of doubts about my affordability, loan eligibility, and gave me the much needed clarity on what I am entering into.

· When I informed Amar that, I liked a house on May 18th morning, I had no confidence that I will be able get it as the house is little over my budget and there are already higher bids with the seller. But, Amar gave me the confidence to go for it, gathered everything together, prepared the offer the same day, submitted it the same night and even got it accepted the very next day. So, approximately, in just over 24 hours, I went from, “I like this house, but I am not sure that I would be able to get it” to “Yes, I got it” and that’s marvelous and unheard of before.

· Amar execution speed and negotiation skills are extremely good and I believe those are the ones that makes him one of the most successful and well appreciated Realtor®.

· Amar was able to win the bid even with 10k less than the highest bid. A very big thanks for him for seeing it through and convincing me to take the right step at the right time.

· As soon as our offer is accepted, he introduced us to his whole team of people who came forward to help us in closing the deal on time.

· Throughout the Escrow time, he was on top of everything and sending me regular updates and assurances that everything is going as per the plan and we closed the deal on on June 19th 2015.

· Even after closing the escrow, he is still calling me regularly and giving all the guidance with taking over the house and moving in. In that I just see a very great friend and well-wisher in him.

In Summery, Thanks to Amar for everything and God bless him with lot of health, wealth and lot more energy to help lot of other people like me in fulfilling their dreams.