Tanmayee Potluri | Senior Product Manager September 9, 2020, Tanmayee was a client of Amar

Hi Amar/Sri, Before we start to talk about the exceptional home buying experience we had with both of you, we would like to thank you for helping us find our first home wholeheartedly!
Finding a first home in a country where you are entirely new to the process, know very little about the market, and have to invest tons of money is nothing less than a nerve-wracking experience. But working with you both has made it definitely a lot smoother, more comfortable, and also a learning experience.
I am thankful to my friend Archana who introduced us to you when we thought about buying a new home. You were present in every step of our home buying experience, which I believe is rare from what I hear in the market. When we first met you, you guided us through our options and, at the same time, you were open and considerate of our concerns around budget and plans.
When we found the home we were looking for, Sri was great in responding very quickly to our needs and set up times for the closed house tours. You were great in suggesting why this would be an excellent first investment for our needs and explained everything. When we decided to put in an offer, you explained what would help win the house.
Amar was excellent in negotiating and finally landing us the home. And now comes up the dreadful mortgage, closing, and everything associated with it. You helped us tremendously through all this by connecting us with experts in the specific areas, providing guidance in each of the regions on what is good for us, and being personally involved every step of the way. It is something we will significantly appreciate given it was our first home buying experience.
The contacts you introduced us to are still connected and help us when needed. With all your help and guidance, we could complete our mortgage and close in such a short period. I have always heard that you will put your heart and everything into it when you love what you do. I would relate this to you. You love what you do, and you are passionate about it, and we saw it at every step of our home buying experience.
Thank you again for all your help in making our experience a great one. We would be so happy and confident to refer you both to anyone. You honestly delivered excellent service at every step of the process!
Thank you,
Siva and Tanmayee