Subbarao Arumili | Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems October 31, 2011, Subbarao was Amar’s client

Buying a home can be a long painful process or it can be a pleasant experience. It all depends on who your real estate agent is. We had a great home buying experience and we attribute that to Amar.

We hired Amar as our agent in August 2011 and he never failed us. He collected our input and showed houses that suited our requirements. Amar gathered complete information on each house he showed and provided his honest input whether to go with or not. He never forced us to give a quick offer and always asked us to think twice, thrice before presenting an offer.

Once we found the house that we like, Amar used his keen negotiation skills and got us the house at a lower price than many competing offers. During the entire closing process he is on his heels and been in constant contact with the sellers agent, loan agent and pushed all of them to get to the closing quickly and smoothly.

Amar also have extensive contacts with loan agents, contractors and insurance agents and he used them effectively at every stage of our home buying process. With his negotiation tactics Amar saved quite a bit of time and money on various repair works we have done to our new house.

I have never seen an agent who does so much extra service to make their clients home buying experience happy and comfortable. I am very happy to use his services again and recommend him highly to anyone.

subbarao arumilli