Srinivasa Yedluri | Staff Middleware Engineer May 28, 2015, Srinivasa was Amar’s client

When I think about Amar and experience with him as buyer, this is what struck my mind

— Great adviser for home buyers.
— Great price negotiator.
— Highly focused.
— Personal involvement in every step in the process.
— Highly skilled in real-estate transactions.

Being a first time home buyer, I was off at times on my preferences and priorities. Amar was really helpful in explaining the reality and guiding me in the right direction and also suggesting me great mortgage lender.

My transaction was not an easy one, as I have budget constraints and got into market with short preparation, however I have ambition to get good house in good school district.

End of the day, Amar and his team have helped me fulfilling my ambition working patiently on all the difficulties in the way and saving me around 20K, in this steep market; without Amar and his team it wouldn’t have happened.

I really appreciate the help and recommend Amar for any committed Home buyer.