Srini Koushik | President and CEO at NTT Innovation Institute Inc. July 25, 2013, Srini was Amar’s client

Over the past 25 years we have purchased several properties around the country and have worked with several professional agents that provided good service. Recently we purchased a home in the most competitive market in the country – the bay area. However, this was the best and most seamless experience for us. The main reason for this was Amar Amarnath our Realtor®. Amar provided the most comprehensive service we have ever seen. It includes:
• Advicing us about the Bay Area, its school systems, the commute and neighborhoods
• Showing us a very good selection of houses and educating us about the choices and pros and cons of the choices
• Helping us put together a good offer and driving the best deal for us through effective negotiations without entering into a bidding war
• Personally staying involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, insurance, and closing)
• Co-ordinating efforts with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing

In my opinion, Amar is the most professional, capable, intelligent and hard working agent we have ever known. More importantly he is a decent and kind human being who is easy to like and get along with and one who operates with the highest level of honesty, integrity and trust. We are planning to refer Amar to all of our friends and we plan to stay connected to him as a friend for a lifetime and would work with him every time we have a real estate transactions.