SRIKANTH GURRAM | Senior Member of Technical Staff April 28, 2016, Srikanth was a client of Amar

First of all thanks a ton for helping me to get my desired house. I really liked that way you execute things, professional per-say.
I remember when we first spoke over the phone giving me the tips and tools to find a desired house. I was totally inclined that you are one who can get me the desired house. The very good thing that I liked about you is you help people without expecting anything from them. This is pure and unconditional service.

I wanted to write a story about my home buying experience. Trust me, for me it was a dream-come-true. All my friends and relatives were shocked as within 1 month of my house hunt I got a dream house which I wanted. This happened only because of your Midas-touch.

I have seen Realtors® placing an offer for the house knowing that there will not get it; this is like shooting arrows in thin air. You were not like that, the way I have seen. It was a perfect project executing giving you 110% hard work. I still remember your email early morning at 5:30 AM enquiring about the hazard insurance, flood coverage and suggesting me the option available. For me this is what is called as pure unconditional service.

The way I see, I think for me you are a magician with lots of confidence and you bring all the team together and execute a plan with sure shot accuracy. I have not seen any Realtor® working with the loan officer while placing an offer.

Finally I recommend your name to all my friends and family members for your excellent work.