Sridhar Narasimham | Engineering Manager at Maximum Integrated May 20, 2015, Sridhar was Amar’s client

I contacted Amar based on the positive reviews that I read online. In a competitive seller¹s market, it is very important to have an efficient Realtor® who can represent you well & can get the job done.

Amar & team got on the job right away. He has a great team and I got pre-approved at lightning speed. Amar & Sri worked with us and counseled us on our house requirements, the factors to consider and the locations we should consider. With that help we identified our target homes that we wanted to place an offer on.

Amar put together a very good offer package and we got accepted, though we
were not the highest offer. Our first offer was accepted at $20K less than the highest offer. We witnessed entire Amar offer presentation with seller and listing agent. We didn¹t even get a chance to make an 2nd offer out to our second target.

Amar was able to negotiate many small components of the house closing that
added up to a BIG SUM over $7K. His team was also excellent and the financing portion etc. closed in a record time. His support team is robust to survive any hiccups during the entire process.

What continues to impress me about Amar is that he stayed engaged in the whole Home buying process and closed the HOME for us in a RECORD TIME. I higly recommend Amar.