Sridhar Meda | Senior Software Engineer September 1, 2012, Sridhar was Amar’s client

Amar is My Realtor® for Life. Amar saved us well over $20,000 during my dream home buying process. The way Amar handled the whole buying process by going above and beyond is one of the greatest memory forever. Here is my experience of beautiful journey.

I was referred to Amar via another friend who had strongly recommended him as a one stop shop. I was glad to be introduced to Amar as he instilled confidence from the beginning. As the first call of duty was to get preapproved for the loan, Amar put me in touch with Yogesh Rane, a mortgage consultant par excellence. I got a taste of Amar’s networking prowess after talking to Yogesh. After the pre-approval process completion, we have found a house that met all my constraints and that I really liked. Knowing all the constraints Amar pointed out the pros and cons of the house. We also looked at a different house in the same community that met most of the constraints but not all. Here also Amar pointed out the pros and cons, Amar was really honest in giving me the true picture on every home and not give me an answer that fit my needs. I really appreciated Amar for his expert guidance. We discussed both options in front of us and decided whole heartedly to move forward with the first house.

Amar was able to engage the Seller’s Realtor®, explain our enthusiasm for the house. Amar was able to get our offer accepted at a price that was lower than the asking price (even with other interested parties in the race) with his exemplary negotiation skills. During the whole process, there were several times during which we almost thought that the offer would not be accepted or that we would get bumped out by other parties. Amar was on the top of the situation all the times and involved deeply in to transaction to win our offer by all means . With Amar’s creative ideas, we overcome all the road blocks during loan process. We always felt that we were the most important clients to Amar and we always wondered how he was able to pull it off even when handling multiple clients.

Amar was in constant communication during entire process. Yogesh was able to get me a record low mortgage rate due to Amar’s partnership. At closing, Amar has saved me a ton of money by being able to retain the high end appliances, getting the seller to pay for various closing services etc.

As I write about my home buying experiences sitting in my new Home, I can’t imagine how this would have been possible without Amar and Yogesh. The goals I had laid out to Amar were all fully satisfied and I was able to get a house that satisfied all my conditions. Amar is a wonderful individual personally and professionally and a Realtor® who can get things done in right way. I first have to thank my friend for referring Amar to me and to Amar and his team for making this happen so smoothly and in such a professional way. As mentioned above, I can’t imagine going to others for my realty needs. Amar and his team are my team for Life. Period.