Smitha Idikuda | Software Engineer at VYOMI Solutions August 3, 2012, smitha was Amar’s client

We connected with Amar through a friend and some of our other church friends had provided very positive feedback. The commonality in all the feedback was that Amar was best at what he does, very reliable, and trustworthy.

Our first meeting with Amar was mere exploratory but it turned out to be very valuable. Amar was knowledgeable about the real estate market and presented several data points that helped us with our decision making. We were relocating to East coast and decided to rent out our home after a short stint of putting the house for sale.

We were convinced after first meeting that Amar was exceptional and would do the best. We requested him to takeover and initiate the process. Within two days, he setup open house, collected applications, analyzed the profiles and in a short order (less than a week) picked the best tenants. During this time, he provided a detailed plan on the next steps, kept us in loop on all the activities and made us his top priority. He is extremely good in filtering the right applicants. In summary, Amar is the best with creative thinking.

Since then, Amar was always available for any questions and has been thoroughly professional. He has been in constant touch with the tenants to ensure a smooth and pleasant stay.

We are very happy with Amar’s exceptional real estate service and would highly recommend Amar to anyone else that is looking for an excellent real estate agent. We bet that Amar would exceed all expectations.

-Prashanth & Smitha