SMITA BHATTACHARJEE | Corporate Accounting at Mondee, Inc. December 15, 2018, Smita was a client of Amar

I am writing this to appreciate you, Sri and your team for your extra ordinary services that you have given to us . As a first time Home Buyers, we were very new to the housing market which I believe one of the most competitive Bay area real estate markets. You people are obviously helped us from very beginning; correcting our credit score to Lending process and to getting the home keys.

We would like to appreciate your sure-fire negotiation skills, communication abilities and the insight regarding the real estate industry. The process happened in such well organized way which was the most turning point for winning the deal and we are highly satisfied. Thank you Amar, Sri and your team for such a lovely experience. We would love to work with you in future and highly recommend your services to everyone.