SHWETA DESHPANDE | Software Engineer at Calculi Inc. August 24, 2016, Shweta was a client of Amar

We are so thrilled with our new home in San Jose! Thank you so much to both Sri and Amar for all that you did to help us through this process!

Bay area is a tough market for home buyers, especially so for first time home buyers. We needed a Realtor® who could help us navigate the waters without getting overwhelmed and deal with multiple fronts of price and location, negotiations, state of the house and disclosures, fitting our family’s needs and desires, handling multiple offers in a very competitive environment, that too in a very short closing time.

To get the home we want, there are lot of pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together. Effort, luck, persistence and most of all professional skills to make good on opportunities. Amar and Sri have been many pieces of that puzzle! Throughout our long search for our home, they have been patiently answering all our questions, doubts, helping us understand different aspects of home buying, helping us learn what to look for beyond our home checklist that we started with, thinking about real issues of long term ownership, weighing pros and cons.

Their experience has been very valuable for the critical time of placing an offer, particularly for setting up a strategy. We had to deal with multiple offers situation, on a non­typical offer deadline schedule, and they helped us put a pre­emptive offer and still hit the price range without getting over­extended, which is a common risk for such pre­emptive offer situation.

Sri and Amar’s team has been very professional in the execution. Despite many moving pieces and uncertainties involved, every step was done on time, every small detail was followed up. They have been particularly good at evaluating disclosures, combing with a fine brush, seeking any problems and risks. Their biggest strength we saw in them was negotiating the best deal, attempting multiple approaches, persisting beyond reasonable efforts to make the deal happen. Once the offer was accepted, they were still involved in all the finer details, keeping close tabs on the escrow closure, collaborating with multiple people, the seller’s agent, title company, home warranty and insurance, keeping the end­goal in sight.

At the end of the day, it’s not the ‘cozy worry free home buying experience’, but the real learning experience that we very much appreciate! Thanks again for all the help and assistance, suggestions and guidance. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone! To get the home you want in this bay area market, Amar and Sri are the Realtors® you would want on your side!

We wish Sri and Amar continued success, good health, and happiness!