Shridhara K | GPS/Embedded/DSP Engineer October 7, 2014, shridhara was Amar’s client

Recently, when we started looking for homes to buy, we found it is necessary to get the help of a good real estate agent. we looked at the profiles of a number of real estate agents in zillow and also consulted recent home buyers. We even contacted some of them and started receiving lists of homes for sale in south bay area. Apart from the listed price, location and some other details which are already available in various web sites, we could not get any real help. That is when we saw Mr. Amarnath’s profile.

The large number of homes he sold in the past year and good reviews in various web sites impressed us. We immediately contacted him and the positive approach in his conversation confirmed his superior ability. Further, he started highlighting the advantage and drawbacks of the homes previously selected by us. As per his advice, we have to remove some houses from my favorite list. Later, we realized he is absolutely correct as those houses are not finding buyers even today since they had some hidden problems which only an expert Realtor® knows. We think this quality of Amarnath makes him stand apart from other Realtor®.
Things started rolling fast when Amar and his team entered our home search. He and his team was always happy and ready to show houses for us. Simultaneously, Amar arranged for loan approval at a low rate of interest. Actually, we got many loan offers but this was the lowest rate. Amar’s team worked during weekend and late nights to get a quick loan approval.

Finally, when decided on our dream home, Amar took no time to visit and make an appraisal of the home and submitted the bid immediately. There was many bidders and some of the bids exceeding ours by as much as 50K. But Amar took no chance and directly talked with the sellers agent and the seller and highlighted superior nature of our offer. Amar convinced them how our offer as whole package better than a mere highest bid. He also brought in his broker into the picture to highlight our case. These are only some of the several strategies used by Amar as a part of his superior execution style which finally enabled us to own our dream home with a lower bid !.
Winning the bid under multiple offers is not the only area Amar excelled. Afterwords, he guided us on all aspects of the next steps in the process such as escrow and deal closing without any last minute surprises. We realized later that the seller paid many of our fees because of the tactful negotiation by Amar. Meanwhile, his team was able to get us a home insurance at super low premium. We never expected the signing and closing of the escrow will be so smooth and hassle free.

All this is because of Amar’s dynamic leadership and staying on the top of every activity that a home buying process involves.We could have purchased our dream home long ago, if we met Amar earlier. We appreciate his and his teams ability to help others and so wish them success in all his future endeavors.
– Shridhara and Mala