Seetharama Ayyadevara | Director of Technology, BubbleWrApp November 8, 2012, Seetharama was Amar’s client

In south bay area, buying a home with good schools and
sub 1 million dollars price is not an easy thing. There are, and
continue to be more people looking to buy homes in this range since difference
between rent and mortgage is negligible. Even though you really liked
the house and wanted to buy it — there good possibility that you would not
be able to get the house because of the multiple offers and heavy bidding.
Now that market is heating up, it would even be more difficult to get
a home.

If you really want to get the house and are willing to take some heat, Amar
is the Realtor® for you. When we wrote the offer for our home, there are more than
two offers with highier price than what we have offered. But Amar structured
the deal in such a way that seller accepted our offer even though our
offered price is less than other offers. Then, Amar was constantly in touch with seller’s agent

and worked hard to get the offer accepted. Amar is highly responsive and
is very helpful. He also saved us a quite a bit of money in closing costs.

He has a very good working relationship with Nimeesha and Yoghesh, loan
agents form wells fargo. This made it extremely easy to get the loan and
make the escrow close on time. It took us about two weeks from offer
acceptance to getting the keys. It normally takes around 45 days.
It is a testment to the hardwork and smarts Amar put to use on our
behalf to get the house we can afford in a good school district.
With out Amar we would not have gotten our new home.