Sayali Mane | Software Engineer at Cisco Systems April 7, 2014, Sayali was Amar’s client

When buying a house there are so many things you have to think of…. good community, close to work, good school rating and above all GOOD PRICE!! When we decided to buy a house, we kind of knew our requirements but we wanted an EXPERT who can walk us through the whole process. The moment we met Amar, we realized that he is the one with whom we can discuss it thoroughly.

We always liked new Home constructions and we ended up buying one. Amar played his role perfectly as our Realtor®.
Amar negotiated so well with builder’s agent and got us very good deal. During his surfire negotiation process, Amar saved us over 30K to the bottom line. Amar has THE BEST TEAM which helped us in easing the Home buying process.

To Summarize, I would say, it was pleasure to have Amar as our Realtor®.”