SASHI KONDAREDDY | Oracle Database Whisperer November 13, 2015, Sashi was a client of Amar

We were first time home buyers – and very ignorant of the home buying process and all forms of negotiation. When we ‘started’ out to buy a home, we thought it might take a few months to get the home we wanted. And then we met Amar, through a referral. We met him at a coffee house on a Saturday.

He set us up with the right people for financing and other logistics. We made an offer which was accepted the next Friday, closed in a little over 2 weeks and picked up the keys. The whole thing took less than 30 pleasant days instead of the 3-6 stressful months we thought it might take. The incredible speed and ease with which Amar and his team guided us through the process is amazing. They provided guidance throughout the entire home buying process: from finding our dream home, making and winning the offer, closing the deal, and post-close move-in guidance. He stayed on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure our home buying process was as smooth as possible.

His knowledge of the real estate industry and a keen eye for details is outstanding which was very helpful to us in several phases of our home buying process. And he went way above and beyond what I’d normally expect from an agent. Here are highlights of his outstanding service during various phases of our home buying process:
Home Search: He took our overall preferences and requirements for a home at a short coffee shop meetup and showed our dream house in a few days. His expert knowledge of what to look for in a house was extremely confidence boosting and helped us make an informed decision.

Making/Winning an offer: This was an area where we were ignorant and he is a master. His expert knowledge and clever strategies helped us win the deal in a multiple-offer situation in spite of higher offers from others. (Since we liked the home very much, and we knew there were other offers, I was thinking we needed make an offer at least 10K higher than the asking price; Amar, instead made an offer 10K less than the asking price and leveraged other factors in our favour to win the deal).

Closing the offer: Amar was a lot more than an agent/Realtor® as we winded down towards the Close. He and his team were constantly and efficiently coordinating with the loan officers, insurance agents and the seller’s agents and was giving us daily status updates with the task in progress and the pending tasks. (And whenever we had a doubt, even during off-hours or weekends, we would shoot off an email, thinking we will get a reply the next weekday morning; Instead we always got replies soon after our requests.)

As I said earlier, he went way above and beyond what I’d normally expect from a real estate agent. In addition to getting our house at 10K less than the asking price, he saved us close to 10K in closing costs by passing on the costs to the seller/lender.