Saravanan Balasubramaniyan | Software Engineer, SPG at Apple October 30, 2020, Saravanan was a client of Amar

It’s my first time working with Sri and Amar for buying investment properties. I had the down payment for two properties but was not entirely sure that. I would qualify for two loans if I had to buy the two properties simultaneously. It’s a unique scenario where Sri and Amar made their critical impact.
Sri gave thorough guidance about neighborhoods that suited my needs. She explained in detail why specific areas are better than others. When I was bidding, Sri advised me not to go overboard and explained why. It was because Amar had used his extensive connection with the agents networking and reputation. Amar convinced the listing agent that I was the best buyer and made my offer look like an all-cash offer. He was able to negotiate the best deal for me in the face of a higher offer.
The second place where Amar made the most crucial difference was in executing both the loan closures. When one of the loan agents had issues with getting the loan closed, Amar spoke to the loan agent, their manager, the underwriter, and their manager. He was able to bring the various parties involved to the table and sign off the loan within a time period he had set. I believe this was the most challenging part of the entire process.
Amar personally was on top of it to make sure both the loans closed as planned even when one was faltering and getting delayed. During the critical phase, he was overseeing the loan closure, the escrow process all the way to recording the property. He was on top of every process to ensure all of them ended smoothly with minimum disruption to my activities.