Sarabjeet Singh | Director of Engg at Cashedge February 22, 2012, Sarabjeet was Amar’s client

Amar is an excellent buyer’s agent who treats the whole process as if he is buying the house for himself. He gives sincere advice and listens to the buyer’s concerns and addresses them. He has great network of professional who he engages in the process at the right time – mortgage agent, inspectors, builder, etc. Amar and his team of professionals work hard to meet the deadlines and to execute to the agreed upon plan.

Amar did some amazing work for us in the offer presentation and review process. There were multiple buyers bidding for the house and our offer was the lowest. Seller’s agent was putting lot of pressure on Amar to increase our offer to get a bidding war started. Amar read the seller’s agent’s situation correctly and did not give in to the pressure. We had almost given up hopes but Amar gave us a surprise by announcing that our offer was accepted. This could not have happened without Amar’s honed planning and negotiation skills.

Once the offer was accepted, Amar took care of inspections, loan, and all the paperwork. He made it very easy for us. His negotiation skills and standing in the industry saved us lot of money in not just the house price but also in other areas as well.

Many agents just disappear after the escrow is closed. Amar has been there to help us in many things even after the escrow closed. His unwavering dedication to buyer’s needs is what sets him apart from other agents.

Thanks Amar!!