SANTOSH BHEEMARAJAIAH | Software Development Manager at Silver Peak May 7, 2016, Santosh was a client of Amar

Amar did an excellent job in finding our first home. As first time home buyers we were scared and confused. We were dilly dallying for more than 6 months trying to decide if we should buy or not, the location and budget. We called Amar on a Sunday. He was kind enough to come home on the same day. After understanding our situation and talking to us for more than an hour, he was able to easy our anxiety. Talking to him helped us feel confident about buying a house.

I have made 100% return on my investment within 8 months. He has a really good knowledge on where to invest. His negotiation skills are legendary. He was able to get us $18k off on upgrades and site location. Overall we are very happy that we found him as our Realtor®. I would love to recommend him to any home buyer out there.