SANKET DAVE | Media Engineer at Apple May 7, 2018, Sanket was a client of Amar

If you are here reading this review, it is how we started our search for a Realtor® to represent us. Strong recommendations here as well as a personal recommendation from a friend and we decided to meet Amar to purchase our home.

Just like many of the other recommendations on here have already talked about the well established process Amar & his team follow, we started with meeting Amar at his office, followed by discussing our needs with Sri. Her inputs and ideas on how we could get the best value for our money and improve an existing home were very helpful. She is very approachable through the entire process. We decided to not place an offer on a property we had initially liked at the last minute, Sri was extremely supportive of our decision, regardless of the amount of work the team had already put in. The emphasis is on team work and it shows very well all through the process.

When we finally decided to move ahead on an offer, Amar ensured that our overall offer package was the strongest. Sri kept us up to date on the discussions with the Seller throughout the day. We had little hope we would win the offer as there were multiple offers and the seller could easily counter any of them. But thanks to Amar & Sri, we won the offer on a home we liked without any counters.

Once the offer deal was done, Amar introduced us to a team​ of experts for our loan and insurance needs. The loan was approved in 8 straight days and we closed quickly. We highly recommend Amar, Sri & team and look forward to working with them again in the future for any of our real estate needs.