SANJEEV TANUGULA | Senior Director of Engineering at SEPHORA July 24, 2015, Sanjeev was a client of Amar

Buying a home; that quintessential American dream! That dream became a reality for us, thanks to Amar and his perseverance and hustle. As everybody knows/realizes buying a home is a difficult process; buying a home in bay area is even more of a gargantuan task. We started on our journey of finding our dream home a year ago and quickly realized that the term “dream home” is a relative term. Out of the 3 to 4 key drivers that guide your selection process i.e. cost, location, schools and size/type, you do have to compromise on one or more elements to find your home.

When we first met Amar garu, being first time home buyers in US, we were all over the place. He helped us wade through those waters and arrive at a combination that led us to shortlist a few good homes.

Once we shortlisted the homes we would like to pursue, what followed was purely his magic or as we say in sport talk, “Hustle” to make it happen. He would simply ask us if we are 100% into placing an offer for a home and if we are in, he would move heaven and earth to make it happen. I don’t know how many couples in bay area can claim this, but our success rate is 100% i.e. we made only offer and got that home. Once we saw the home we loved it. However it was listed at a price beyond my pre-approval limit.

Once Amar garu realized that this home checked all our requirements – great location, single family with a nice backyard and decent schools he went about setting us up with different financing options to get me past the pre-approval hurdle. In this hot bay area housing market, he managed to get us the home for almost $100k less than a competing buyer. Throughout the process, Amar was not just our real estate agent but also an advisor, friend and a guide, who had our best interests at heart.

Thanks to his fantastic relationship management skills, the post-offer-acceptance phase was smooth and issue-free.
In Amar, we not only found a great real estate agent, but a good friend and advisor, who works tirelessly to find you the right property, a place that you will call HOME. Thanks Amar garu!!

In summary:

“For a first time home buyer like us, Amar garu was god sent. His great knowledge of the market, combined with his persistence and hard work to find the right fit for you, can be a great help in that exciting roller coaster ride. Most important thing that stands out with Amar garu is if you like a home and ask him to make it happen, he will go work on it tirelessly and doesn’t rest until it is done. Even when faced with obstacles in the loan process he will go find alternatives and line them up quickly so that you do not lose the house that you want to call “HOME”.