Sandeep Naidu Balaga | Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs February 6, 2021, Sandeep was a client of Amar

We got to know about Amar from one of our friends when we lost hopes in our house search. As first-time home buyers, we had several questions about the process, location, price, and many questions. I feel like we do not know the crucial things to look for in a house rather than the appearance.
Amar and Sri answered all the questions we had, put up a clear plan on how we tackle the home buying process and executed it very well. They provided their honest opinion on every property that we selected. It helped us a lot in making an informed decision to write an offer. Amar goes out of his way to get us the best possible deal, and our case is a sheer example.
Even though our offer was not accepted initially, Amar was very diligent in following up with Listing Agent. Amar acted quickly and accepted our offer as the first contract dissolved even though we were not the highest bidders. Amar and Sri had been extremely nice, responsive, and handheld us throughout the home buying process. We are pleased to make the right choice to work with them.