SAMHITA PIDAPARTI | Salesforce Developer/Administrator December 16, 2015, Samhita was a client of Amar

Amar was our Relator for our new Home purchase and current home sale, and I can say that he did a terrific job at both. He was very instrumental in bringing down the listing price for the new home, and having the seller contribute more towards the closing costs. In regards to our Home sale, I only have two words for him – Perfection Personified. We were a contingent buyer for the new home, and had a tight window to sell our current home. Looking back in time, I do not think that anybody else could have done this better than Amar.

Amar was very prompt and efficient at all phases of the sale – laying out a workable strategy to sell the home, having a 3D photo shoot done for the home, putting up our house in the market, rigorous advertising, and deep dive negotiations on the offers.

Amar paid great attention to all the miniscule details, and that certainly paid off. We got an offer that far exceeded our expectations and calculations. We moved into our new house being content and happy. ALL thanks to Amar for making it possible for us.