Sakthivel Srinivasan | Principal Member Of Technical Staff October 1, 2020, Sakthivel was a client of Amar

I have heard excellent reviews for Amar and Sri over the years from some of my close friends. I finally got the opportunity to work with Amar and Sri when I was in the market to buy an investment property in the bay area. They had been very supportive and available throughout the process. Sri patiently explained the pros and cons to us for each neighborhood that we were interested in, and she helped us zero in on the location. They are very knowledgeable in the current market in the bay area, and their comp research is the spot.
Their expertise helped us get the property that we were interested in, a highly competitive Milpitas neighborhood. Both Amar and Sri are very detail-oriented and have always gone above and beyond, explaining every bit of information that a home buyer should know. They were very flexible and still available for any questions or concerns we had throughout the process. We highly recommend Amar and Sri as a great Realtor® who can work to your needs and find you a great home in the bay area.