Saiprasad Mishra | Developer @Adchemy Engineering May 27, 2013, Saiprasad was Amar’s client

THANK YOU Amar for being there in EVERY step of my Home buying process. I have no words to express your efforts, dedication, and commitment to fulfil my challenging requirements.

Once I met Amar to discuss about my home situation. Right after the discussion, I know he is the person can do the job right. Before meeting Amar, I also talk to couple of agents. I have 24 days to move out of the home and looking in great school district with limited budget.

Amar understood our situation and started focusing on us to get single family home in Fremont. Once we all liked the home and everyone on-board, Amar’s through well-connected network, sure-fire negotiation, promptness in action, and right judgment at the right moment, our offer accepted. This happens not through magic, but creative thinking, personnel touch with agents, and strategy. Amar’s credibility, reputation, and Keller Williams Realty (No: 1 company in US) does matters in big picture.

YES! Amar closed the home less than $9,950 than list price in multiple offers situation and there are offers higher than the list price. How it’s possible in the crazy market. The way Amar packaged our offer, and presentation of the offer process made a big difference. I met with seller and listing agent in person, both are very tough people to deal. I always wonder how Amar convinced listing agent and seller to convince to go with offer. What I liked about Amar is the value, expertise, and professionalism. The level of depth he personally involves in every stage of the transaction is amazing.

Most importantly, execution our offer terms in a professional and timely manner gave me the peace of mind in the process. I am so impressed with negotiations and the right guidance; I have referred 2 people before closing my transaction.
Amar on top of loan and escrow process to close in less than 18 days. In the whole process, Amar saved us $28,379. Finding the right home, winning the offer in multiple offers situation below list price, saving lot of money, and closing in less than 24 days itself speak volumes about Amar’s professionalism. Amar have shown me a great example of what professional agent means, and totally changed my impression about agent. From the offer to the last day of moving in, he made me feel everything is taken care.

It has been a great experience. If you read all the way down to here, you probably know what I am going to say. Yes, you are right, I highly recommend Amar no matter you are selling or buying a house, because his professionalism and passion will not change.

Amar is a true meaning of his mission: E = MC²

E: Excellency in Service

M: My expertise in meeting Clients Goals

C: Clients for a Lifetime

C: Creativity to achieve Exceptional Results