Saikat Kundu | Senior Technical Lead at Yahoo May 4, 2021, Saikat was a client of Amar

We decided to work with Amar after looking at his great reviews on Zillow. He exceeded all our expectations. We were proud homeowners within a month of our house search. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of questions about the process, location, and price. Amar and Sri patiently answered all our questions. In the first meeting itself, Amar came up with a clear plan on handling the entire home buying process. He helped us understand that there are many aspects of the house that we need to look at other than appearance. In this market of multiple offers, getting the offer accepted is one of the most challenging things.

Sri helped us in getting quick appointments to tour the houses that we were interested in. When we informed Sri that we liked one of the houses, Amar went through all the inspection reports and disclosures to ensure no red flags and massive repair costs after buying the house. They provided their honest opinion on every property that we selected. Now comes the most challenging part of how much to offer for the home. Sri helped us a lot to suggest a price that will improve our chances of getting the offer accepted and ensure that it’s within our budget.

With multiple offers on the house, including cash offers, the seller was planning to go for counteroffers which could have raised the price of the house even higher. At one point, we already lost hope. But Amar was able to convince the seller’s agent that our offer was one of the best, and it was accepted. I don’t have words to thank Amar for his hard work and effort. Amar and Sri had been very friendly, responsive, and handheld us throughout the home buying process. We made the right decision to work with Amar and Sri.