Ruchir Shah | Sr MTS at eBay September 9, 2020, Ruchir was a client of Amar

* First-time buyer * COVID pandemic * Competitive environment * When we first decided to purchase a house, we did not know what it involves to own a home. When we talked to Amar for the first time (for almost more than one hour), he explained the entire process starting from house search to having a key in our hand. He listened to every question and answered thoroughly. That was the first sign of having such a reliable and knowledgeable person as our agent.
After that, we started looking for listings we were interested in the house. We always received the first-hand opinion from Sri Amar whether to even look at that property. Given the COVID situation, it was very timely help, and her suggestions helped us narrow down our search. When we decided our house and put an offer, Amar and the team excelled in all possible ways to get our offer accepted (though it was not the highest bid offer). One suggestion from Amar was to write a personal letter to the seller, and that did magic.
After our offer got accepted, the entire execution of the plan by Amar and the team was phenomenal. Amar provided contact with a housing loan agent, home insurance agent, home warranty agent who all are dependable. We do not need to step out of our house to look for anything. The entire collaboration and execution were so powerful that we have a key to our house on day 20.
Even after closing the deal, Amar and Sri provided valuable suggestions. As per Amar, this is just the beginning of our new relationship. We are impressed with the way Amar and his teamwork and give a personal touch. We will highly recommend him for any real estate requirement.