Richa S | Carrier Certification Engineer at Apple February 19, 2019, Richa was a client of Amar

We went to Amar with a house in mind which was listed well below market rate. Although the house was fixer upper, we asked Amar to evaluate it potential and if there are any risks. Amar and Sri did a detailed evaluation of the house and provided us a report and walked us through it.

Next we decided to bid for the house, Amar help us won the bid among many potential house bids. Also we were not the highest cash offer but still he was able to get us the house. There were some delays on our loan process but Amar was able to convince the seller agent to keep patience and continue through the process. Amar managed to get our house for us in peak housing market in a good area.

We would strongly recommend Amar for buying/selling needs..