Ravi Renduchintala | ThermoFisher Scientific April 22, 2013, Ravi was Amar’s client

My Home Buying Experience Since I made contact with Amar Amarnath

Hi Amar, It is with gratitude that I say Thank You for your efforts that enabled me to buy a home in this highly competitive market.
I want to go over from the days of my first contact with Amar that happened only three months ago in January 2013. Since then our interaction has been nothing but pleasant during our combined efforts in our home buying experience. We toured homes together and in that process Amar explained to us several bits of pros and cons in each property educating us and giving his honest opinion about the homes and whether it is worth to proceed or not. Frankly, we learnt several bits of information of what to look for in a potential home.

Amar is always available to clarify and explain various aspects of home buying process and available to tour homes at the first available opportunity. He utilizes his enormous experience in real estate business and transfers that knowledge to help his clients and goes out of way in doing so. I can attest to that with my own experience where Amar helped me get a great deal while negotiating in a very competitive environment with multiple and handsome offers from the competitors.

Amar’s reputation in the real estate business, methodical approach and analysis, highest standards of ethics, professional way of handling the negotiations, and ability to convince the seller’s agents are phenomenal. More importantly, the personal touch he brings to negotiating table makes him what I call Amazing Amar. No wonder he is one of the most popular and trustworthy Realtors® around. He also brings in positive surprises along the way.

Amar has wonderful team that makes home buying process quite comfortable and importantly also enjoyable, closes the deal in record short times. He takes a very proactive care to ensure the process is moving smoothly by going above and beyond. Amar involves in loan pre-approval process, coordination and engagement with bank and escrow process, appraisal, loan process, and closing process by staying on top of the entire home buying process.

Amar is good at heart and puts his efforts as it his own home buying process and that is a very important aspect as far I am concerned where in you build trust. He saved us lot of money in the process. In a nutshell, we have benefitted a great deal by approaching Amar Amarnath for our home purchase. I strongly advise potential home buyers to utilize his professional experience to benefit.

Ravi Shankar and Shailaja Renduchintala