Ravi G | Data Engineer at First Tech Federal Credit Union January 26, 2021, Ravi was a client of Amar

We feel extremely happy to have worked with Amar and Sri Amar in the process of our 1st home purchase. Amar’s efficient execution and teamwork not only helped us close the deal at a great price, but also made sure that the entire process is smooth and timely despite the unexpected minor hiccups. We recently came to know that respective comps are selling for 100k more than what we have bought for.
A Special thanks to Sri Amar for being a wonderful guide:) From patiently listening to our preferences , she was extremely helpful, transparent, and reliable throughout and a great asset to Amar’s team. She is always available for a phone call for any queries/issues even after the purchase and provided us both professional and personal support. We Highly recommend Amar and his team for they made our 1st home buying experience so pleasant and successful.
The whole process with Amar and Sri Amar is just like dealing with the family.